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The company is located alongside the scenic area of Baijia Lakes in Nanjing Jiangning Economic & Technical Development Zone, an area prescribed for economic development on national level, with the famous and historic Qinhuai River flowing through it.

The company was officially put into operation in 1995. To date, the company has developed a product range of three big series. The first one is Aluminum foil plastic composite heavy package bag (film) for industry. The second is soft package bag (film)for various food. The third is for all kinds of liquid bag (film) whose volume is 250L above. Our products are mainly used for the packing, normal or vacuum form, of chemicals, foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, tea, high-fine metal, electronic components, precision instrument and even state-of-the-art national defense products. The technology of our product is leading in China, and are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, etc.

The company, on the support of substantial production capacity and highly talented manpower, has been staying ahead in technology level to provide quality products of highest standards. Our company sticking with the service pledge of “Customer First, and Requests well Served”, the company is currently the leading manufacturer in aluminum foil composite packaging for heavy duty in China. Products are sold all over China, and rapidly advanced towards the world, but also contributes to the modernization of the chemical and other fields as well. Among them 25kg sack aluminum foil composite bag established monopolistic status in China market. Examples include some transnational captain companies such as BASF, DSM, LANXESS, BAYER, and HONEYWELL and so on, and it has been an important brand of aluminum foil composite heavy packaging.

Our company has been devoted to talent training, and has established talent training cooperation relationship with many famous universities in Nanjing, and our company is also a important training base for most college students in Nanjing. And we also give new blood to the research and development of new product and technology. Our company has been ahead of fellow competitors in attaining the certification of ISO9001:2000,QS, the standard test of ROHS,FDA etc. The company is a private-owned enterprise seeking development through science and technology in Jiangsu, and has been awarded as one of the “Ten Best Run Private Enterprises” of Jiangning area, and “Hundred Most Potent Private Enterprises” of Nanjing city. Different products have also been well recognized with awards from a variety of official authorities in the Jiangning area. And our products have also obtained the State food package production permit and certificate of hi-tech products patent certificate.