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INFOPRINT Held Successfully in Beijing

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2013-05-151 04:28
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Print China 2011, which attracted the attention of the world, has been closed on April 13th, 2011. Thanks to the care and guidance of Guangdong provincial Party committee and government, Dongguan municipal Party committee and government as well as relevant departments of the government of China and the extensive prticipation and great support of printing industry at home and abroad, the exhibition had achieved a great success.

With the theme of “Green, High-efficiency and Digitalization”, the exhibition has comprehensively demonstrated various new concepts,technologies, advanced and applicable printing equipment and material. Print China 2011 has enhanced the cultural connotation of exhibition, added Printing Masterpiece Hall,Printing Education Hall and Photography Hall. Compared with the last exhibition, Print China 2007, this year’s exhibition covered a total area of 120 thousand square meters, which increased by 50%; there were 1,261 exhibitors coming from 22 countries and regions, which increased by 20.4%; there were 171,256 visitors (according torecord of entrance guard) coming from 112 countries and regions, which increased by 64.3%. According to incomplete statistics, the total volume of transaction of this show is more than 5 billion RMB, which grew by 400%. The exhibition scale has exceeded China Print 2009 held in Beijing, which making Print China 2011 rank No.1 among the domestic printing exhibitions and No.2 among world printing exhibitions, only second to Drupa in Germany.

During the exhibition, the organizing committee has held the 2nd International Forum for the Development of Printing Technology (Forum-PT 2011), 13 elites from international leading enterprises had delivered wonderful speeches on 13 widely concerned topics. The organizing committee has also held “International Green Printing Forum (Forum-GP 2011)”, “International Printing Standard Forum (Forum-PS 2011)”, “International Printing Digitalization Forum (Forum-PD 2011)” “International Ink Jet Printing Forum (Forum-IJP2011)”, “International Label Printing Forum (Forum-LP 2011)” and other more than 50 report conferences, seminars and promotion conferences. Asia Print has held the 3rd member conference “Asia Print 2011”.

China Print Awards has held “the 3rd China Print Awards Ceremony (China Print Awards 2009-2010)”. All these international activities perfectly coordinate with the international exhibition, and has effectively improved the level and effect of the exhibition. China Print 2013, sister exhibition of Print China, will be held from May 14th to 18th, 2013 in Bei j ing;and Print China 2015 will make a stage pose in the middle of April in 2015 in Dongguan again; the two exhibitions, which will be held in the north and south respectively, are going to add radiance and beauty to each other. With the rapid and steady development of China’s economy, China’s printing market is bound to be expanded day by day, the exhibition scale of China Print and Print China are sure to become bigger and bigger, and the level is certainly to be higher and higher. Welcome all the friends from the printing industry at home and abroad to pay attention to, participate in and support the two exhibitions! The “Report of Print China 2011” has collected, analyzed and summarized the information of the exhibition. We are glad to present it for you and looking forward to your suggestions.

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